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Truing & tool bounce on Large pieces -help

Bill O

As Iím starting to turn, larger, heavier pieces, I am having difficulty in tool bounce & truing up pieces. Even when turning a solid bowl blank, and truing the outside, no matter how much wood I take off the blank, it does not get completely smooth & true and my gouge still bounces a bit. This is very puzzling to me. Iím working on a large solid lathe. My lathe is stable and not vibrating, and as an example of what Iím turning; a 15Ē diameter Bowl Blank, I am using a large 4Ē+ tenon, solidly mounted using Large #3 Oneway jaws on a Stronghold, and of course, Iím using the tail stock as support.

Iím starting to think that my tool is not completely cutting on the full rotation, and maybe scraping or just riding over some areas of the wood, leaving some high spots causing tool bouncing problems. Is this possible? Any other suggestions or common things to look for?

Thanks Much in advance, Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays


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