Turning Archive 2006

Decorative Walnut Bowl *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>The inspiration for this piece came from a combination of things. In my workshop, I had been looking for a while at a beautiful piece of black walnut that was about 2” thick and about 13” x 20” that I had won off our GHWG raffle table some time ago. It had talked to me long enough. Second was a recent visit to Derek Andrews’ site at http://www.sunrisewoodcrafts.ns.ca/ I liked Derek’s Bits’n’Bobs bowl. These bowls are smaller than this piece and intended as a catchall for keys or change etc. In an early morning Eureka moment, I completed a sketch and headed for the lathe. My initial attempt for the approximately 3” wide edge didn’t appear too pleasing. I wanted to use my homemade Triple point tool and incorporate some beading as well as some texturing. I had the outer edge too thick, so it was back to the lathe to let the wood talk to me some more. I was able to play lots of games with the Sorby Texturing Tool as the edge was progressively thinned down. Due to some warping of the original piece, the final thickness is about 1 5/8” and it is 12 ¼” in diameter. It was sanded starting with 120 and going to 400. I finished it with one coat of homebrew Danish Oil followed by a couple more of Watco Clear Danish Oil. I wiped it down with some old denin so I could avoid little bits of paper in the texturing. The bowl was immediately claimed by my wife and now sits on our entry hall table, not as a catchall, but as a decorative accent piece or as we term them in our house, a Foo-Foo. My sister, who is always very kind, referred to it as an objet d'art. I'll take it!

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