Turning Archive 2006

signing work *PIC*

john lucas
>Here are some samples of signing work with a dremel engraver and a woodburning tool. You can see the quality of the signature is more dependant on the quality of your handwriting than the tool.

The one on the top left is the dremel filled with gold wax. The one one the top right is the dremel with shaky hands

The ones on the bottom are pyrography using the Optima burner with the modified writing tip. I'm still learning to use it and it varies with the wood species.

I've signed several dozen pieces since getting the burner and still can't sign any better than my dremel engraver. It's more sensitive to summer winter wood variations than the dremel is. Both require a light touch and lots of practice.

If you have bad handwriting the only thing I can suggest is practice. My signature is much better than my handwriting. I practice it.

Don't know that this proves anything one way or the other I just thought you might find it interesting. Obviously either tool works and at least in my hands the dremel isn't any better or worse than the burner. the Dremel also shows up well on dark woods, especially if you rub colored wax into it.

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