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Vega PRO duplicators (D-36)??

John Kyler
>I'm at a point where I need to turn more than bowls, pens, and boxes.
I have looked at many options and looks like the Vega is the best way to go. I have talked to one person who has used it and he had trouble with finish. We believe that the lathe speed was too slow and the cutter was set too high. I'm looking for responses from people that have used this and what do you think? I will need a 36" for my Woodfast. I have called Vega and they are very friendly I have no doubt that I will have good service after I get one.
I will likely get this from a local source for the same reason, service. The ones selling online at auction are going for about the same as buying new from a dealer.

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Vega PRO duplicators (D-36)??
It's a start...
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