Turning Archive 2006

Apologies to all - kinda long *LINK*

>I was looking at an earlier post about a bowl that I donated and it sold for $300.00 at a charity auction for the Nelson Center of Denton Texas. I probably did not adequately explain things very well. Some may have looked at the post and thought, "Sure you did. Who are you trying to kid?"


First off, I have been turning for about a year, when I can. The bowl in question was turned after a brief conversation with Alan Tucker concerning form, technique, and etc.

To make a short story long... I, in no way, ever thought this bowl was worth more than 20-30 bucks, but I was proud, non-the-less. This bowl was purchased by a vice president of the company for which I work. I know this was a charity auction and my humble bowl was purchased by a very generous person. (I think ego may have played a part in the bidding as well)

I realize I have much to learn and have learned so very much from this board. I do not want anyone to think I was trying to represent my work as anything other than the product of an entry level turner.

In the end the money goes to a good cause and I can feel good about that.

So, I apologize if my omission of the detail was misleading.


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