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Pen Help Please

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I've got some more q's for my big 40 pen project.

I went ahead and sprung for the Beall Collet chuck to hold a pen mandrel in the headstock side, because I wanted as much accuracy as possible on these fancy fountian pens. And, I can use the chuck for other projects as well.

But I'm concerned about the tailstock end of this thing: normally the center of the rod just runs on the point of a revolving tail center. But the Craft Supplies rods that my buddy uses seem rather soft, and the center of that mandrel is going to get worn over time - right? Is there a better method for this? The mandrel from Pakcard and Lee Valley seems much nicer, but then again I'm just looking at pictures. And, if I bought pen kits from Craft Supplies, do I have to buy their mandrel?

Also, should I invest in a Oneway Tail Center, as I have a rather cheap tail center right now...

Thanks for the help guys,
And as a reminder to all of us - there's tons of info available in the Articles and Reviews Sections here! I just spent a good bit of time reading a bunch of them - what a great source of info!


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