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scalpel... *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>I would like some ideas on how best to cut up this red cedar to maximize the yield of interesting pieces. I already have a few chunks of various shapes and sizes that I lopped off to get it into this fairly solid form. The apparent checks are only skin deep. I've sealed it for now with sprayed shellac.

It is 13" tall as it stands, but there are a couple of 1" diameter voids between branches on the other end which extend up a few inches. The maximum outer diameter is 12", but the minimum distance between inner lobes is as little as 5".

I feel like I would be wasting it by whacking out a couple regular side-grain bowls. There's got to be something artistic to do here. I'd like to get a couple "striking" pieces out of this, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. I would particularly like to hear from any of you who have had experience with a similar shape and situation.

Will an end-grain slab stabilize if it dries slowly, or if soaked in more shellac or diluted white glue, or will it eventually crack deeply like your typical cheap Florida plasticized cyprus clock form? What shapes will best show off the grain, color, texture, bark, shape, etc.? End grain NE platters? Trumpets? HFs? Trad bowls? NE bowls? ...??

All ideas are welcome, Gary

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