Turning Archive 2006

Demonstration Video Cameras

>Anyone here setup a lathe for video taping demonstrations using the small CCD cameras. I've been doing all the video work for our turning club and we are now starting to record our demos and are going to publish them on a new web site for our group. Anyway I see a camera in AAW mag @ woodchuckers, it's color but fixed focus and no zoom. I am curious what other folks have used. I would love to spend a touch more and go wireless, maybe even w/zoom remote if possible, caching the video with my laptop and outputting to a projection 47" tv in the shop we use for meetings(our high school tax dollars at work). Then I could burn DVD's. I have all the stuff on the laptop for NTSC output and input(if required)... Anyone here do any stuff with this? Can anyone point me to resources?

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