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Angle drill bearing replacement

robo hippy
>I just had the bearings replaced in 2 of my S/M angle drills. I have a friend who works at Kaman Bearing Co. and was asking him about the Koyo bearings that were recomended here. He said to let him check on it, as he thought there would be others out there that were better. I make sure to tell him how severely I abused my tool. He talked to an engineer, and these are what he recomended. One of the guys in the office said that these border on being aircraft quality. Can't remember the exact prices, but in the $60 range for all of them. I am now keeping track of hours and # of bowls sanded to see how much abuse they can take. After they fail, I will get a new from the store drill and see exactly what it can take(normally about 6 months, but never kept numbers). I will post results as I get them

There are 6 total bearings:
NSK bearings
1 625ZZ
SKF bearings
1 60002RSJEM
1 629ZJEM
robo hippy

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