Turning Archive 2006

Mr Gotcher's vase *PIC*

John Lucas
>Here is a hollow form I just finished. It is a gift for my son's band teacher. It was fun making this. I made the burning tool for the ball of the notes out of a cheap woodburning tool I bought at Lowes. I need to figure out a way to control the heat better on this. It had a tendencey to scortch the wood outside the ball. The rest of the note I made using a woodburning rounded skew and in some cases a 1/16" ball tip.

The body of the director was woodburned and then shoe dye was carefully painted inside the burn marks. The burn marks keep the dye from bleading into the surrounding wood.

The top finial is Holly dyed black. The G clef is carved and is 3 dimensional.

It is made from mildly spalted maple and is about 12" tall and almost 6" wide.

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