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Laser Hollowing Rig - Finally! *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>Finally finished my Laser mount for my captured system. This pic shows the light mount before I cleaned it up and lacquered it.
The pen is from Radio Shack, and uses 2 AAA batteries.
I used a 1/2" pipe flange to mount a 1/2" pipe for the upright with a 1/2" Tee with set screw on top of that. Then a 3/8" pipe became the sliding, pen mounting arm. The pen mount is from Linden Wood.
I used it today, to hollow a Black Walnut form that is 8.5"tall X 4.5"dia. I hollowed it through a 5/8" opening, and got quite a bit of chatter going that deep with a 1/2" shaft, but the light didn't waver. It works! :o)

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Laser Hollowing Rig - Finally! *PIC*
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