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Spindle ornament contest is still on.

john lucas


Christmas Ornaments

Contest Deadline: December 30, 2006
Contest is now open.
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This is a contest to turn a Christmas ornament as a simple spindle turning.

The rules are simple. This is not a hollow ornament. It should be turned between centers as though it were one piece of wood. Use your imagination. You can glue up wood before turning to add color and contrast and you may use any surface decoration techniques as well as carving and off center work.

The contest deadline has been extended to Dec. 30th at midnight.

Send a photo and a description of the piece along with the turning technique to Jlucas@tntech.edu. I would like to publish these on the Wood Central site so send as good a photo as you can. I'll try not to judge the quality of the photo but I can't publish fuzzy or out of focus pieces. For any help with the photography feel free to e-mail me.

It will be judged on originality, quality of turning, and good looks.

I will judge the originality and quality of turning and my fellow co workers will pick the one they like the best for the good looks portion of the judging. This will keep it from being just another project that impresses woodturners. The quality of turning will only be used to reject really bad turnings. As long as it looks like something you would be proud to give your family I will not eliminate it. It should not have any obvious sanding marks or runs in the finish. Bear in mind that my co-workers have seen a lot of turnings and won't pick a poorly done turning, but they aren't nearly as picky as I am.

The prize is a set of tools to make Christmas ornaments.

These include a straight hollowing tool, a curved hollowing tool and a skew. They are made of Cherry that came from Relli Trentham who ran a turning business in Sevierville, Tn for 50 years. The ferrule is solid brass that's screwed on so it will never come loose. The steel is " water hardened drill rod that has been hardened and then tempered back to about 62 Rockwell. It was then blued and waxed to resist rust. They are made entirely by me and signed.

I hope you have fun with this.

Contest is now open.
CLICK HERE to enter the contest.

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Spindle ornament contest is still on.
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Count me in!.
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