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>First, happy holidays to Ellis and all the wonderful WC'ers out there.

Well, here I am again. Things have been rather strange. My parents came down for Thanksgiving. Everything was fine. My 80 year old father had lung cancer surgery over a year ago, so I decided (finally) it was time for me to quit smoking as well. Since then I have had all the classic withdrawal symptoms ... cravings, tiredness, crankiness (some would say that's my normal state) ... lots of coughing and hacking and sinus problems. But, so far so good. I haven't had a serious relapse yet. Maybe this time will be the last time.

Then, my mother called this week to let me know that Dad had a falling down episode. Fell 2x on Saturday past and 6 on Sunday. Off to the doctor's on Monday. MRI shows he has had 2 strokes. So, we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

In addition, I have hired an electrician to add 20 amp circuits and a new sub-panel to my garage to handle the load of my tools. Each major tool will now have its own circuit and breaker ... and this time it all gets labelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This effectively isolates my shop from the rest of the house so if I trip a breaker, the TV stays on, the computer still works, and the ceiling fan doesn'y have a fit.

I have recently begun the process of upgrading my dust collection and air filtration from a simple shop-vac to a system that will include a Dust Deputy cyclone as a pre-seperator for the shop-vac, a real Jet 1.5 HP Dust Dog cannister with filtratration down to at least 2 microns, a JDS ceiling mounted air cleaner and filter, and several HEPA filters. All in all, I expect (hope) to have a clean shop without all the layers of fine dust covering everything.

Happy Holidays to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Your secret santa gift is on the way to ... did you all know that I really am Santa Claus, just disguised as a woodturner? Just ask Ellis or Jennifer, or Bill Grumbine or some of the otherw who know me.

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