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Photography Critique, Please

David Hammond, in Fayetteville at the momentody el

I'm finally getting some good photographs of my work, I think. I've been doing this without spending anything on equipment, but I finally got access to some 5' wide white paper that's a mile long. I'm setup on a ping-pong table, half folded up. The paper is taped to the top of the table, and drapes down to the table in a nice smooth curve. I'm using a halogen work light from Home Depot, front right, shining down on the bowl. The light shines through a white sheet that is in a tent of sorts that is on the sides and top of the booth. Everything seems to be working well, I'm certainly getting better shots that I have in the past.

This is a photo I just took of a small cherry bowl. Jamie, John, your technical expertise and hard critique of this photo would be much appreciated, and anybody else, tell me what you think.

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