Turning Archive 2006

Back from Thailand *LINK*

Darrell Feltmate
>I made it to Thailand and back. What a great couple of weeks. My wife and I met my daughter there and had a fantastic time. Part of the trip was to look at the local crafts including wood carving. Amazing. I have some pictures which I will gradually get up on the web. One of the things I noticed is the underplay of turning as a craft. It seems to be done mostly in people's homes as a beginning for other work like painting, laquerword or inlay. I did get a drum to bring home and some wood for pens. I am not sure what it is but it looks nice. I am afraid that in Thailand I am illiterate.
We were at the Kalare night market a couple of times as well as the morning market in Vien Tiane, Laos. I may never complain about the grueling times in craft fairs again. Until you see these places you can not believe them.
If you get the chance, go. Chang Mai is wonderful. Bangkok is an experience but Chiang Mai is wonderful. I have ridden an elephant, fed a baby tiger, held a crocodile on my lap, bamboo rafted down a river, risked my life on a tuk-tuk (wonderful way to get around) carved teak with a master, seen amazing Wats and a wonderful 13th century Hindu temple, and eaten my way across a country filled with some of the most friendly and polite people I have ever seen. Incidentally, I prefer the small grasshoppers to the large and preferably with a spray of soy sauce and seasoned salt.
Now I have to get through and cull the thousand or so pictures I have taken. Plus I need to get to my lathe and there is a blown down apple tree to be cut up and picked up.

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