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Threading jig?

>I am looking for a threading jig for cutting wooden threads on box tops. Bonnie Klien sells such a jig, but it does not fit my lathe (although she provides instructions on how to make a platform so that the jig will fit). Best Wood Tools also sells a jig. Do any of you have any thoughts about how these jigs compare? Are you aware of any other jigs that are available?

Bonnie Klien's jig cuts threads at 16 threads per inch. The jig from Best Wood Tools allows you to select from 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 or 24 threads per inch (as long as you buy the proper head for each option). Any thoughts as to what is the "right" thread pitch to cut? I'd think a lower thread count would produce less tear out and stronger threads (fewer threads per inch yields thicker individual threads). Higher thread counts means the join can be smaller (if you want the lid to engage three threads, for example, that would require more room for the threads at 8tpi than it would at 16tpi).

Here are links to the Klien and Best web sites:


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