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Powermatic 3520b compared to Vega 2600-Inv

Bob Cook
>I am considering buying either the Powermatic 3520B or the Vega
2600-Inv. and am looking for comment and or advise.

I have been turning for about 4 years on a Nova3000 with AC motor. I
live in Arizona so don't have the ability to find, large pieces of
wood to turn. I almost always turn purchased blocks of wood that I cut round on my bandsaw, or segemented turnings. I love my Nova300 but the shortcomings for me are not having variable speed and having only 16in. swing over the bed.

The one feature that I hate to give up is the ability to swivel the
head. I always turn the headstock 22 1/2 degrees to turn the inside of my bowls. I rarely do spindle work and if I do it is short in length, rarely more than 12 to 13 in. long. I have never felt a need for more that the 1 hp. motor on my Nova.

I am considering the Powermatic 3520b because of the ability to move
the headstock to the end of the lathe and then stand in front of the
work while turning the inside of bowls. I am sure that I would rarely
move the headstock from this position. Of course the Vega 2600 also
would allow me to stand in front of the work.

The drawback with the Vega would be not being able to turn spindle work shorter than 6in. I sometimes turn handles for the decorative
rollingpins that I turn.

Any and all advise from Powermatic and Vega owners would be

Bob Cook

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