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Ash non-finish question

David Breth
>I'm making a cane for my dad out of ash from the mountain where he grew up in West Virginia. The wood is really white, really pretty, and when sanded to finish, about as smooth to the touch as anything I've ever felt. It actually reminds me a bit of holly.

I'm strongly considering using no finish at all with this, or possibly working in a little paraffin wax. I want to preserve the color and the feel of the wood. The cane will never be used for anything other than looking at. I'm wondering how this will go down over the course of time

By the way, this is the kind of cane where your screw it together. I got the wood in sixteen inch segments, because at the time I had only a mini-lathe. I will tell you right now, it is a major pain in the rear to got those holes drilled so precisely using the lathe (my drill press is waaaayyy too small, and is a cheap eastern asia benchtop unit) and have everything line up just like jazz. This will be the first and very, very, very last collapsable cane I ever do. A pain in the ash for sure. You work with ash, you have to make at least one joke. That is the rule.

I guess that's a long way of saying I would appreciate your input on going the unfinished route.

Thanks -

David B.

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