Turning Archive 2006

Missing Summer Already.... *PIC*

Devon Palmer

I was sorting pictures this morning, and came across the one attached. I had a couple great opportunities to take my mini lathe camping this summer at a nature retreat just past Hocking Hills in SE Ohio and do demo's at the campground with other artists for an artisan open house at "Niches" (www.niches.cc).

I was turning on a deck overlooking a wooded hillside, with tree topping at least 100 foot overhead. It was a balmy 72 degrees that day, uncommonly cool for July. The slight breeze was enough to make the trees whisper a sweet song. Without a doubt, the moment that picture was taken was the true highpoint in 2006 for me.

I can remember what I was thinking when that picture was taken. "I wish this thing were 3/4 horse, instead of 1/2" :)

Hopefully winter in the NE will be short and mild.

- Devon Palmer, Columbus Ohio

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