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Customer Service, The horrible and the Great!

DaveAnderson (PacNW)
>Today I had the experience that shows the worst customer service anywhere. My bathroom sink developed a leak, Off to the local Orange Borg ( Home Depot). After an hour of not finding any help, I found the part myself. So off to pay for it. The 4 self service checkouts had nearly 20 poeple in each line. The only other checkout was the contractor line, Again about 25 people. One clerk at the contractor line and one for the 4 self service. And they want my business? not in this life time!

The other side of the coin made my day. When I finaly got home from the BORG, my phone was ringing. It was Craft Supplies in Provo, UT calling about the online Order I had placed earlier that morning. Three 8"Salt Mills I had ordered were back ordered. The young lady that called wanted to know if these were for Christmas gifts and to see if I wanted to substitute a longer mill that was in stock. There is one Store that still cares about the customer!

Dave Anderson (Pac NW)

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