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Jordan Handles, Discounts, and Grinding Wheels

Greg Haugen
>Since I started posting my reviews on new tools I've gotten I thought I would continue. I post these reviews on WOW and here on Wood Central. John saw the postings here on Wood Central and replied saying anyone who orders tools until Christmas and mentions one of the site's postings will get 10% off. Can't beat that. I'm still incredibly happy with the hollowing tools and armbrace handle. My newest tool is the Red 18" handle from John that I had ordered. I do have some "other" turner's handles and wanted to compare to John's. I like the length of the handle, the other handles are 16" instead of 18". The rubber grip that John puts on all of his handles is incredibly comfortable. I also like the fact that the handle is steel and not aluminum. That means it has weight on its own without the use of shot. I do travel a little and turn other places. My biggest complaint was the other style of handle I have to remove the shot to travel. One big advantage of these handles is being able to reverse the gouge. It shorten's the tool for packing and protects that edge by placing the majority of the gouge in the handle. With the shot in the handle this can't be done. Yes, you can dump out the shot and put it in another container and transport it seperately. The first time you have to pick shot up from inside of your bag or off the floor it will be the last time you do that. Or you just leave the shot and home but then your turning with a handle a 1/3 of the weight you're used to. These steel handles don't use shot so it doesn't matter anymore. The tool end of the handle has a 3/4" hole which will fit large hollowing tools. With the purchase of the red handle you get one adapter of your choice, mine was the 1/2" size. John offers adaptors for all sizes of tools for the handles. I'm very happy with this handle and its features.

My reason for the 1/2" adaptor and not 5/8". I learned how to simplify this from John when he told me why the gouges he sells has a 1/2" tenon on the 5/8" gouge. For most of my turning I use two gouges, a 1/2" and 5/8" bowl gouges- actual sizes. Having a 5/8" gouge fit a 1/2" hole means that with or without a 1/2" adaptor I can put either gouge or my hollowing tools in any of my Jordan handles. If I want to hollow with the armbrace or a straight handle I can now easier. I don't have to have this "dedicated" to that, etc. Gouges and the small hollowing set are 1/2" and the large set is 3/4". With all of the handles having the 3/4" hole with the addition of a 1/2" adaptor everything is universal. No other handle system offers this. Just a little convenience with tools and handles.

I recently also changed out one of my grinder wheels. I looked around at prices and grits. I finally decided on Woodcraft's 60 grit Pink 8" wheel. It has alot of the advantages of the white wheels but does tend to resist grooving. Which means less dressing and longer life. For a price of 30.99 its a heck of a wheel. They also have them in 6" and 60 or 100 grits.

A fellow turner was traveling in the past year with his tools. When he got back from his trip he told me about his experiences. The main experience, "A tool handle with shot in it at a airport causes alot of attention and almost a cavity check." I wasn't very helpful when I died laughing.

I hope this may give you some information on my experiences with these products. I'm in no way associated with either the Jordan's or Woodcraft. Just a happy customer.

Keep it spinning safely.
Greg Haugen

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Jordan Handles, Discounts, and Grinding Wheels
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