Turning Archive 2006

Major gloat! There are wood shavings in my hair!

Carol from AZ
>And down the back of my neck.

Today I joined the Quad Cities Woodturners Club. They had a one day 'free' workshop for newbies. The 'quad' cities are anchored by Davenport, IA, about 70 miles to the south of me. Great, great group. There were 6 of us, each with a couple of mentors apiece!

The first stop was at the grinder for some basics in wheel truing, scraper sharpening, the Wolverine jig, and gouge sharpening. The prez of the club came in with the $10 HF set of turning tools. The club has a wide variety of tools, plus members brought theirs so we had a variety to pick from. And we could pass them around and compare them and heft them, and drool......but I digress. Think I'll save the $10. I have a few older Shopsmith scrapers and a gouge or two. I'll practice sharpening on those. Got some ideas as to how to make them useful before I practice sharpening my Henry Taylors!

First, we roughed a green, wet sugar maple log. That gave us some practice rounding stock, facing ends, and turning coves. I had a gnarly piece with 5 knots in it. Learned the joys of shear cutting with a bowl gouge to get baby-butt smoothness around those knots. What fun turning green wood is!

Next we mounted a bowl blank and had at it. I still need to finish the bottom and foot of mine. It is packed in wet shavings, wrapped in plastic and in my freezer! Where it will stay until we get Bill's lathe working and I can finish it off. So you get to wait for pictures.

I will say the mentors deemed it a great shape and me very brave. It's less that 1/4" thick. Well, of course it is! I didn't want to disappoint my first woodturning teacher. It was Wally who perched me atop this slippery slope a few years ago at Sophie's BBQ.

Today was great fun. I had a blast! I do have to get back to preparations for semester finals. But I did learn something today. The steep slippery slope is steeped in shavings, no grease required.

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