Turning Archive 2006

Dust Collection

>Am looking at putting in a dust collector but am a bit overwhelmed by websites and their advice. I will almost exclusively use this collector for turning and associated sanding, but may use it occasionally for flat work. It will be used in the basement workshop. Most 1 HP dust collectors have a 4" inlet and up to 700 cfm airflow, but most seem to be in the 650 cfm range. A minority of these 1 HP systems come with 1 micron felt bags, the rest seem to be 5 micron or greater. The next size up is 1.5 HP, 1 micron filtering, and 1100 cfm +. They are slightly larger in size, have almost double the cfm, but will draw ~ 14 amps on a 110 v circuit, which means the DC will have to be on a separate circuit from the lathe (will set it up that way regardless of what size motor). Is 1100 cfm + overkill? Have read that one needs at least 700 to 750 cfm for an adequate dust collection system. Seems that a 1 HP DC is marginal. So that's where I am at - either overkill at 1.5 HP or marginal at 1 HP. Any advice out there? Would like to go to a canister system as opposed to felt, but the price grows substantially, so I'll stick with a felt bag. Any help appreciated.


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