Turning Archive 2006

Pen Turning!

David Hammond
>Hey Everybody,

My brother wants me to turn him about 40 pens for a big gathering from a Writing Forum (they're having a big get-together, like WC does sometimes, but they are young writers).

So, I'm looking at buying the equipment to do this. I've got a drill press, I'm going to get a vise for drilling, I'm going to get all the neccesary barrel trimmers and drill bits, but I'm not sure about a few of the other tools.

What about a Pen Mandrel? I'm looking at Craft Supplies, and I like the adjustable mandrel, but I'm wondering if I should get the collet chuck to run the mandrel? Is that a better way to go - more accurate, and more versitile - I could use the collet chuck for other things?

And do I need a Pen Press for the Havanna and Emporer Pen kits? I'm assuming I do. And the nib cap adjuster tool - is this a must?

Thanks for any advice to a very beginner pen turner - I just finished turning a 34" diameter monster Beech bowl, so this is going to be an adjustment!


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