Turning Archive 2006

VB36 or Stubby Help!

Brian McInturff in SC
>Boy I've got a delima. I put a deposit on a Stubby. They are in country and I was writing the check for the rest of the payment when I see where there is a VB36 with the long extension, free standing tool rest, and a bunch of other accessories including complete vacuum setup for less than what the Stubby would cost. The VB is only 4 years old and is about 3 hours away. What to do what to do. I turn mainly bowls and don't turn spindles. I like turning small stuff also but am keeping my Oneway 1018 for now anyway. But I really like the Stubby also. My shop is small and is in a 12x16 area.
Both would work in the small space. Any advice?

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