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Beware: Norton 8 x 15/16" wheels!

Jerry Hall
>How wide is a 1" wheel?

Just received my 100 Grit Norton 3X 8"x1" wheel (made in Mexico.) It seemed narrow to my eye and in fact the wheel measured 15/16" not the 1" on the label. At first I said to myself, "so what..." But this seemed a bit cramping when I thought of rolling my 5/8" bowl gouge across it. It definitely felt smaller compared to my current wheel. from China that came with my Woodcraft grinder. It measured a full 1". My feeling is that 1" should equal 1" (unless we are dealing with lumber, or football, or bowl wall thickness, or...) This didn't seem consistent with Norton's reputation for quality.

My wonderful supplier immediately verified that his stock on Norton 8 x 1 100g were all 15/16" and that the 60g were a bit under size as well. He checked with Norton. Norton apparently agreed that the wheels were out of spec and will be shipping correct ones.

There may be a lot of these in the pipeline, and if it matters to you you may want to check.

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Beware: Norton 8 x 15/16" wheels!
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