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First Picture - Wolverine Grinding Jig Base *PIC*

Larry In Lima
>Well, this is my first picture post, so hopefully - it works. Today I finally got my Wolverine setup done. Bad picture, but at least you can see it. Here's a few details for anyone considering it, or "redoing" theirs.

The 3/4" pine on the bottom is about 22" x 8". The little 3/4" x 3/8" oak strips are there to tell me exactly where the grinder goes if/when I move it or take it somewhere with me. Also helps keep the grinder in place over the long term since it isn't permanently mounted. I used brass #6 x 1" screws in the oak strips since I already had them laying around, and #8 x 1" brass screws in the Wolverine jig for the same reason. I slopped some Minwax tung oil on all of the wood, my theory being that it'll be easier to clean and wipe up dust / dirt every once in a while.

For anyone who cares, the grinder I'm using with this is a Baldor 7306, 7" grinder. My wheels are about 16.25" on center (1" wheels), and that is where I centered the sliding arms on my Wolvering jig on the pine before I mounted the 2 of them. It came out pretty well I think, but nothing like the quality of stuff I have seen posted here. Any questions or suggestions, feel free. I know an 8" grinder might have been better, but the price difference between 7" and 8" was a killer for me. Larry

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First Picture - Wolverine Grinding Jig Base *PIC*
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