Turning Archive 2006

new book

john lucas
>I got a new book today. Fabulous Turned-wood projects by John Hiebert, Harm Hazeu, Tim Bergen and Henry Bergen. It's a very interesting book with lots of projects. Most of the projects are glue related. There are stack laminated projects, segmented projects, one with veneer, and some laminated pens.

The photos are small and some aren't perfecly clear but they are understandable. The instructions for each piece are straight forward and seem to be easy to follow although I haven't tried to build any of thier projects yet. I have built projects very similar to thiers over the years so I can say with some authority that you should be able to build these following thier instructions.

The turning for most of these projects are very straight forward. The cutting a glue up of some of the projects requires quite a bit of skill or at least some experience cutting a glueing segmented work.

At $12.95 from Fox publishing I think it's an excellent buy if your interested in "polychromatic" work. My friend Don Russel prefers the term Polychromatic because it covers both segmented and stack laminated work.

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