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Thanks Again

>To all who offered suggestions for places to stop on my trip to Charlestown and back. We stopped at the gallery/museum for the Southeastern Artists Guild (I think that's right) on the Blueridge Parkway. Wow!!! Met Alan Hollar - great, very friendly guy and extremely talented. Was also impressed with work by David Shombert. Saw more of their work in Charlestown. Stopped at Cormark - it is a good thing I don't live within driving distance. I'd have to come out of retirement and work 2 jobs and I'd still be destitute. They have got a lot of fabulous wood. Jason Bunn was extremely helpful and patient. I also found out that Packard is mail order only - no showroom. They were very helpful, nonetheless, when I dropped in out of the blue. They went into stock and got 2 sizes of a tool and 2 books for me to look at so I could make an informed purchasing decision. The trip was very rewarding and I appreciate all of your offerings in helping me plan it.

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Thanks Again
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