Turning Archive 2006

First show

Carole Valentine
>Well, I survived my first show. The 3 day studio tour was Fri, Sat and Sun. I was a guest at another studio with 5 other artists - 4 decoy carvers and a basket maker. Considering the Eastern Shore is a mecca for decoy collectors, the competition was tough for the dollars, but I was very happy with my sales - especially as an unknown doing my first show. The traffic was very light this year - only about 350 people over the three days. The most amazing thing was a tiny little holly miniature with a blackwood finial that I really didn't want to sell just because I really liked it. It was only 1 3/4" tall, including the finial. Ya'll might have seen pics of it. Anyway, Bobby said "If you really don't want to sell it, either take it home or put a ridiculous price on it." Well it looked nice on the display so I put a price of $150 on it, which I figured was pretty ridiculous for that tiny little thing. It was the first piece to sell!!! Go figure.

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