Turning Archive 2006

Adios Amigoes

T Daniel
>I have hosted the turning forum for 4 years now. It has been a fun time for me and I have learned a lot. It is now time for someone else to take over as I need to spend more time turning and less time "talking". I took the job of host because no one else wanted it at the time but recently there seem to be numerous people who want the job so I think it best if I step aside and let them take it to the next level. I am a turner who tries to make a living from the craft and I am often in conflict with those who turn as a hobby only. Hobby turners and those who are trying to make a living from their turnings are by necessity two different groups. Things that seem reasonable to a hobby turner are not practical to one that is having to account for each minute of his time as a professional turner. I no longer turn for fun, I turn for profit; therefore I do not think I can speak for those who only turn as a hobby or to relieve the pressures of the 9 to 5 job. I turn to support my family. I cannot make things that are whimsical or "out of the envelope", I must make things that will sell at a price that will support my needs. I say this because I know that many of you are turning as a hobby only and you do not have these restraints. Because of these restraints I think it is better that you have a host who does not have to account for time spent on a project. If this site could be divided into two groups, one that is for those who turn for fun and another for those who turn for profit then I could easily host the "for profit" group but I cannot host the for fun group any longer because my heart is not there. It has been a fun 4 years and I look forward to seeing many of you at Gatherings and such.

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