Turning Archive 2006

What's in your pocket ?!?!?!?!

Chip in Plano
>My daughter recently took over laundry duty from my wife because she likes laundry more than dishes. Yep, that's a weird kid. Anyway, after a couple of days off playing on the lathe...she comes to me in the midst of laundering my 'work' clothes and says 'what is IN YOUR POCKETs??? Put a 12yr old sassy tone and throw your hip around and you've got a picture of her. So I found the offending garment, looked in the pocket and told her:

Black walnut - from the 4" box I made
Osage/Bois D'Arc - from the small 2" box I made
Sassafras - from the spalted logs I roughed out to dry
Bloodwood - for a new bottom for the osage box after I parted the botton off (oops & rats)
Sapele - from the scrap pile to practice making small finials
Honey Mesquite - for the change bowl I made as an Xmas gift

It was beautiful. She was stumped without a witty comeback. 'You're so weird' was all she could manage. My retort was 'if you were a turner you'd find some weird stuff in your pockets, too'. So to my WC turning brethen...What's in your pocket from this weekend?

** The sassafras was the offender. When it's green, it's quite aromatic.

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