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Irwin Speedbore bits *PIC*

john lucas
>We talked about these very briefly on the chat the other night. I believe Wally said he uses them. I saw the Irwin speedbore drill bits at Lowes the other day and bought a small set with a 12" extension. Man do these hog through wood. They make 2 varieties, a 3 bladed auger style and a multi toothed Forestnet style. I wanted to buy the Forestner style but it was about $27 and you need a 7/16 extension for it that ran abouat $19. It looks like it would be just the thing if you need to hog out a big hole.

I tried the one in the photo on endgrain. In a power drill it eats right through the wood. You do need to push a little in endgrain but in side grain it goes right through. I tried it in the lathe with the tailstock. I thought the threaded leadscrew might pull the chuck out of the morse taper but it doesn't. The endgrain fibers just fill up the leadscrew and you have perfect control of the depth.

I've been using cheap chinese forestner style bits with an extension and they alway get hot with lots of smoke. I don't know if the Irwin forestner style would cut quicker or not. The 3 flute drills that I bought do a wonder full job. They do vibrate and squeel like all fluted drills do when using them this way. Lowes had a set of 3 for $13 and I bought the long extension for $9

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Irwin Speedbore bits *PIC*
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Great Idea!
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