Turning Archive 2006

Now look at what you've done!

Steve Kubien
>Hi there,

While I mostly hang out on the quiet, electron-free side, it is only appropriate to post here at this point...

What have you guys done to me?!?!?!?! I was happily planing lumber, using a saw, paring with my chisels and generally enjoying my flat little world. Somehow, a King mini LATHE found its way into my shop along with a few cheap TURNING tools and now, I find myself cutting square blanks just so I can make them round! Eeeek, what's going on? Heck, just this morning a tree service was taking down a nearby ash. Suddenly and completely without warning I'm talking to the guy and 3 logs are on my porch (8-12" diameter and 2.5ft long)! I've got pen blanks and hardware (I completely blame Mr. Shaver for that!) and shavings everywhere.

I do not quite understand all of this but you can expect many newbie questions soon.

Steve Kubien

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