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Thanks, Bill G.!

Doug Trembath
>From a Turners Anonymous member!

Our turning club here in Western PA had Bill Grumbine in for a weekend of demonstrations and teaching last weekend, and although I had to miss the teaching session, I did finally, after all these years, get to see his demonstration. Okay, you have all either seen him, or have read rave reviews regarding his wit, wisdom, and overall outlook on life. After corresponding with him for seven or eight years, I finally got to shake his hand, and thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.

As someone who also demonstrates and teaches, it was a welcome opportunity to contrast his curriculum and approach with others, including my own.

His approach is a little different, really tailored to the widest audience, especially those in the early stages of the turning journey. I enjoyed his humor, self deprecating comments, and his congeniality in general. His talent, technique, and ability come right through.

One metric for evaluating a demonstrator is the number of questions he gets, and the need for follow-up inquiries. Bill explains his concepts in such clear language and pleasant, easy tempo that folks can readily follow his presentation without the need for too much clarification. That's a real feather in his cap, IMHO.

Thanks, Bill, for a wonderful time. Hope to be able to spend some time in the shop together in the near future, at least when my recuperation period is near it's end.

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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