Turning Archive 2006

Wiring -- a bit OT

eliot d
>My lathe and band saw are both 220. There's no more room on the circuit panel, but there is a 220 outlet dedicated to the clothes dryer about 20 feet away. What I do when I want to run either the lathe or the BS is to remove the dryer plug and plug in the lathe or the BS. So there are two approximately 25 foot long heavy duty "extension power cords" that I have wired to the BS and to the lathe. These long cords run along the floor wall edge and are held there with numerous
U -fasteners. Something tells me that this arrangement is not up to code. It works perfectly well, and I don't want to spend a fortune rewiring the whole shop, but should I? Would putting the long extension cords in conduit be an improvement? Why would it?

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