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anoying noice on a pm3520b

>I have recentlly bougth an incredible lathe, a pm3520b, really the best bang for the buck, about a month ago I noticed an anoying noice in every revolution specially in the low rpm, I know there is a tread about this and they all have an intresting and long ways to fixit,someone even called the pm technitian (for me it is out of the question I live in monterrey mexico)and I just solved the problem and so simple and fast that I want to share with all this fine and intresting people called woodturners. the problem is in the block that holds the spindle when you push the black buton to hold tight the spindle just take of the buton removing the screws and plate and troughout the hole find the block opresors and with an allen key tighten them (they are two one oposed to the other)and the noice stops.have a nice thanks given day
from monterrey mexico

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