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Grandpa's nutbowl *PIC*

Bill Houghton, Turkey day tomorrow! Sebastopol, CA
>I'm mostly a denizen of the cholesterol-burning forum, but am visiting here as this is a better forum for this post.

As we prepare to sell my parents' house, we're distributing the "stuff" among the children and grandchildren. This is one of the items that followed me home, a nutbowl with integral nutcracking post made by my grandfather, Thomas E. Phillips, I believe for my parents.

He used a wood lathe made for him in the 1930's by his son Charles T. (my revered uncle) from wood, used automotive parts, and scrap steel. I have this lathe in storage right now - some day I'll have to pull it out and post pics.

While it's not much by modern high-end standards, I've always liked both the graceful shape and the practicality of it. It's a great nutbowl for uncracked nuts, keeping the shells neatly in the bowl (though you do have to sort out cracked from uncracked after a while).

Thanks for viewing and allowing me to honor my grandfather today.


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