Turning Archive 2006

Christmas Presents

Stuart Johnson
>After 30 plus years my wife and I have pretty well stopped Christmas shopping and trying to find that one special gift. I give her a catalog or two with post-it tabs indicating which items would be welcomed. She does the same. Are we just a couple of old stick in the muds or have we finally wised up?

No more saying "oh this is so special, I love it" and thinking "geez, what will I do with this".

This really hit home about six years ago. My wife use to go to a Janome sewing club. Shortly after Christmas a new lady came for a few weeks. Her husband knew she wanted a new sewing machine and bought her the top of the line Janome as a surprise. She had her heart set on an equally good but different brand. She told my wife that she just couldn't get over wanting the other machine and hated the one she received but just couldn't tell her husband.

How about the rest of you? Do you still try for the unknown.

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