Turning Archive 2006

Molly Winton... *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda
>Hi Molly,
After the Ellijay gathering last spring,rmember the chunk of cherry with some burl that could not fit in your suitcase and you gave it to me?
By the time I made it back to Maine it was all cracked and life got very busy, now and then I took a hard look at that chunk, but it was not talking to me. A couple days ago it was a deluge around here, I picked that chunk once again and instantly saw a shape in there.
Here it is, it got smaller than needed to get rid of cracks, but I am pleased with the shape, it has one coat of Waterlox, still wet. It was roughed and shaped in the outside with my new flame, my 5/8 P&N detail gauge.
Thank you!

taking advantage of bad weather in Stonington to catch up with my turning

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