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Green Walnut Rusting Lathe (longish)

DaveAnderson (PacNW)
>Hi to the All Knowing WC turning wizards,

I have been roughing out green walnut bowls. My problem is I cannot find anything that will stop the shavings from rusting my cast iron lathe bed. I have tried, paste wax, automotive wax, carnuba, Boesheild T-9, Top Coat and 2 couple of witches brews. The rusting begins with in 10 minutes and in an hour it is bad enough that I have to get out the synthetic steel wool and penatrating oil to remove it.

Does any one know of a coating either tempory or permanat that could help. I am seriously thinking of taking the bed to a gunsmith and having it parkerized, yes this would be expensive.

Any idea's or soultions from WC' members ?

Thanks in advance,
Dave Anderson (Pac NW)

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