Turning Archive 2006

test finial *PIC*

john lucas
>This has been one of those disaster day. Remote switch went out on my Powermatic. Rewired that. My homemade wrench/allen wrench that use to adjust my hollowing tools broke. The elm piece I am turning started to check on the ends, (don't know why that happened unless it didn't like all air I was blowing in to clear the shavings out). Started up my propane heater and it died.

Could not hollow this piece all the way to the outer edges with the tools I have. I'll have to make or modify a tool if I do any more of these. I did get it down to 1/2" at the outer edges so I left the bottom around that dimension also.

Anyway, this all started because I was going to carve a bowl for one of our Fundraisers at work. The wood I was going to carve looked great on the outside. Sucked big time once I started carving. There's just no figure left at all. He won't like it. So I grabbed an old elm log and started hollowing. I like this piece but I'm severly limited on my good wood finial supply. Consequently I'm making test finials out of 2x4's and painting them to simulate the look and test the form. Here's the second one. I'll get your opinions. Let me know what I need to change. I'm not thrilled with this one. To many cove shapes I think. Anyway let me know what to change.

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