Turning Archive 2006

Demo in Chattanooga

john lucas
>I just finished packing the truck to head to Chattanooga. Last time was very informative. Ed Lewis has a great shop and some interesting ideas. I should probably take the camera and record a few of them for you. Of course I had to shoot a theater production last night so I put in a 12 our day with a camera but I guess a few more today won't hurt.

I'll be doing a skew demo along with my hand mirror demo. Hope some of you are going. I'll let you know what I learn when I get back. They had about 25 or 30 poeple last time I went down. The weather was a bit warmer I remember. It may hit 60 in Chattanooga so that won't be bad at all.

I just booked 2 more demos in February. Hope it doesn't snow. With my toyota I can drive anywhere but in the south no one else can, so the interstates just about shut down. It would be a long drive to Memphis and Statesville GA. if that happens.

Since this is a retirement area we get a lot of flak from our Northern friends saying we can't drive in the snow. Then it snows and they wreck their car. I've driven all over the country and the snow on the roads in just different down here. It gets icy under the snow and can be really tricky.

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