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Fog Tanner
>I have a Vicmarc 300VL, which is a couple of years old. It is the real Vic from Australia. I went to use it this evening and it would not come on when I pushed the start button. I started looking for the problem, checking the voltage at the wall - which was OK. The problem turned out to be the emergency stop knee bar across the front had gotten pushed in and you have to pull it back out to start it. Not a problem after all, I had forgotten that the bar has to be pull out if pushed beyond a certain distance - and I didn't know it had been pushed.

But, in the process of looking around, I noticed two red lights next to the digital rpm read out, one for hz and the other was Amps. These are located next to the programming switches. My problem now is I can't remember if these have always been on and I have just gotten used to them or if I accidentally pushed a "program" button and changed modes. Its one of those little things where something happens and you notice something else and start to wonder if that is a problem when it may have been that way all along.

If anyone else has an Australian Vic, could you look at the readout and check to see if you have those two lights on. If not then I'll have to wait till Monday and get in touch with Vic, just hae to loose the weekend when I have a pile of Pecan to rough out.


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