Turning Archive 2006

Turned Wood Engine *PIC*

Bill Kay

I turned this 5 cylinder engine to enter it in the "Segmented Turning" contest and never got around to submitting it. It is about 2 feet in diameter.

Each cylinder is made from 11 pieces, The prop spinner is 35 pieces. Engine case is around 40 pieces and a few more for the intake and exhaust stacks. The prop is carved from a 7 lamination blank.

The engine is modular. There is a 3/8 threaded rod attached to the mount. Each of the sub-assemblies slide onto the shaft and the prop spinner is the nut that holds it all together.

I had to make a few fixtures to make sure the mounting points for the cylinders and push rods were aligned properly.

Thw woods used are Maple, Cherry, Alder, Walnut, Oak and Poplar.

Thanks for taking a look.

SeYa .... Bill

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