Turning Archive 2006

Collars; revisited....

>I've got a vase that the client wants a collar on. Effectively changing the intent of the piece. It was originally turned with a small lip, and lid. Somewhat typical high shoulder, and a very long curve. It is not bulbous a form at all, it is quite slender.
Here's the problem, I put a collar on it, and I am going to lose the relationship of the opening to the rest of the vessel. It is completely unlike me to want to change a piece, let alone to make someone else happy. They (the client) has a very good idea of what they wish to happen, with the overall look of the piece, even sketching what they wish to have as the collar.
Do I change it, and risk ruining the piece? Or do I say no, and leave it as is. What would YOU do in the situation?
I'll get a picture posted.

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