Turning Archive 2006

3520B Motor w/ Thermal Overload??

Andy DiPietro
>I was running my Powermatic 3520B lathe at full speed on the slow belt setting for about 1 1/2 hours on Monday night. I was Beall buffing a half dozen HF's for my club meeting the next night when the motor would not restart after changing buffing wheels. The drive controller was still on. It displayed rpm's when I rotated the spindle with the hand wheel. I blew out a little dust from the motor fan and from the inside of the bearing housing, but nothing worked. So I figured that it was either the main switch or the remote had dirty contacts. So Tuesday night when I came home from work I tried the lathe and it turned on like nothing was wrong. So I shut it off and cleaned a small amount of dust in the sealed remote switch. But that was not the problem. So now I am thinking that maybe the controller has a built in thermal overload? But I do not know why it would overheat in a cool basement shop. I saw a similar posting by John Lucas. Does anyone have any insight to this problem??

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