Turning Archive 2006

Grinder quick-stop modification *PIC*

Rick R
>Most of us have probably experienced the annoyance of having to wait and wait for the grinder to stop so we can re-adjust the tool rest or grinding jig. On my 8" 1800 RPM grinder, the wait is almost 1 full minute. I made this quick modification so I can stop my grinder in 4 seconds. Now I can make a grinding pass, check the tool, stop the grinder, re-adjust the grinding jig if needed and make another pass, without having to wait, wait, wait, so I can get back to turning quickly. For normal coast to stop operation, I just flip the toggle switch from ON to OFF. To stop it quickly, I press the toggle from OFF to BRAKE until the wheels stop, then release. A little spring pushes the toggle back to OFF when released.

The modified toggle switch replaces the stock switch. It is a center-off double-pole double-throw, with a slight modification to make one side momentary contact. For the DC source, I used an old 12V car battery charger. The grinder draws about 8 amps in brake mode. If you want to try this, but have doubts whether it will work, hook up a 12V DC source of a few amps to the prongs of the AC power plug of your grinder, turn on the switch, and try to turn the wheel. You will find that the magnetic force wants to keep the wheels from turning. Feel free if you have questions.


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