Turning Archive 2006

Turning While Sitting

Steve in NC
>Found out today that I need surgery to repair Anticular cartilage in my knee. Surgery does not seem too bad but the doc says I have to be non weight bearing on that leg for two months. Poor timing since I have about 20 Christmas gifts waiting to be finished at the lathe.

Surgery is next week so I tried setting up a stool to try turning while sitting. It felt very awkard and a bit unsafe (reaction time to flying objects). I seem to remember a thread a while back about this subject and several folks encouraged the idea but I cannot remember the details.

I have only this weekend to make any required modifications to be able to turn sitting down. My biggest question is what to sit on. Will I be better off on a stool at my larger Delta or should I remount my Jet mini to a table height and use a nornal height chair.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


PS The good news is that after ten eight weeks, the doc thinks I will be able to resume activites without restriction.

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