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John Jordan Hollowers Review

Greg Haugen
>Recently I purchased the large set of hollowers, armbrace handle, sharpening jig, and the shear scraper from John and Vicki Jordan. I have used the Bosch, Stewart, and Kelton hollowers in the past. I tried John's and found my tools of choice. I like the fact there are two different sizes of hook tools. At first I only ordered one, #1, but soon I did enough to find out #2 is very helpful to have so I ordered it as well. Other hook tools on the market are around 14", John's are 16" and 20". The straight tool is also 20" which makes even some of the "furtherest" reaches comfortable and possible. The contour or "profile" of the hook tools make getting around corners and in and out a small hole a easier task. As John says on his website, "these are the best hook tools." I have to agree. I also like the set screws that hold in the bits. Along with a sharpening jig, being able to easier remove a bit and sharpening it with the assitance of the jig is alot easier than trying to juggle a hook tool with a glued in bit on a platform.

The armbrace handle I wasn't sure about it until I used it. It is very comfortable. The ergonomic shape and the rubber covering provide outstanding comfort and control.

The shear scraper, what can I say other than WOW. I turn a fair amount of bowls and I'm used to the shear scraping of the outside of a bowl with a gouge. The shear scraper does a better job and it's easier to use. If its the outside of a bowl or the shape of a hollowform be able to remove any and all tool marks and tearout to a nice smooth finish pays for itself in sanding time. If you sell pieces this tool will pay for itself in less sanding time.

This is my review of my new tools. I'm in no way connected with the Jordan's. I'm just a very happy customer.

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